Cruise Ground Handling

Darkas Travels has over the years gained a high degree of competence in all aspects of tourism. A unique specialisation is the management of incoming cruise ships. Dedicated Darkas teams with considerable expertise handling cruise ships and international passenger requirements are located at the Darkas offices at each of the ports Greece Corfu, Igoumenitsa – Italy Bari – Albania Saranda.

Darkas provides all travel arrangements for shore excursions, round trips and overland tours pre, post and between ports of call in Greece, Italy & Albania. We also liaise with Government agencies for customs and immigration facilitation may need, bonded handling and fly/ cruise passenger exchanges.
An understanding of the special requirements of cruise passengers, time constraints, regulations and norms, along with our constant effort to provide innovative, exciting and safe visits on shore makes Darkas a preferred choice of travel partner by cruise companies for their passengers in land.
Shore Excursions: Regular sightseeing excursions and custom tailored tours – Darkas offers both with a special panache. Cruise excursions are carefully orchestrated accounting for distances, driving times, opening hours, city events and other important variables. Special needs of physically challenged clients are always attended to in keeping with the Darkas credo of ensuring that each service is of value to each client.

Overland Tours: Darkas offers exciting custom designed tours for passengers who wish to explore the interior of Greece or Albania. There are many places and experiences that passengers don't want to miss out on while the ship touches the coastal ports and the tours are designed specifically for them. The ship's movements are always adhered to strictly and the two to three night tours ensure passengers are back on board to continue with their journey.