How easy is it to get an invite into a local family’s home; or find that street food stall hidden away at the back of a clothes shop? Darkas experts discovers a new breed of private excursions in Corfu, encouraging you to step outside of the hotel walls and live like a local.

Have you ever been to a country but felt like you didn’t really get to know it? Sometimes I’ve come away from a destination and I’m totally relaxed. I’ve made the most of the beach and the pool. I’ve worked my way through sizzling dishes in the restaurants. I’ve had time to slow down and finish those two books that have been waiting patiently on my bedside table. But sitting on the plane home, taking the flight back, did I miss something? It’s not always easy to cross the traveller-local divide on holiday, so how can you get a deeper understanding of the culture and people around you without feeling like an intruder? A few months ago, I found myself back on the island of Corfu, fully immersed in the local lifestyle. And it was surprisingly easy.

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